At Sears we only use Award Winning Coffee from Merlo


Merlo coffee is roasted to order and because it is packed in air locked bags within 24 hours of roasting we know that we receive delivery of our Merlo Coffee we are using the freshest roasted coffee beans.

Merlo Coffee is roasted at temperatures of up to 250 c, then the beans are cooled down within a minute to less than 50 degrees.

The Coffee Beans are sourced direct from the growers around the world, and at Merlo we create 7 unique blends.

At the I Love Food Awards – with over 100,000 votes, Merlo Coffee won the title of Australia’s Favourite Coffee.

When you order a coffee at Sears you can drink your coffee knowing where it comes from because at Sears we use this award winning coffee because of its freshness, quality and consistency

And the husks from the Merlo roaster are compacted into pellets, which can be used in the garden or worm farms


Buy our Pre Paid Coffee Card – $35 for 10 16oz cups – drink in or takeaway. Award winning Merlo Coffee.